We are a small family with two (actually three) languages and two countries in our hearts. An exotic mix of south and north of Europe, blend of cold and warm, reserved and unreserved. While one prefers rain & snow… the other dreams of sunny days by the ocean… The mix is spiced up with two little girls (4 and 5) who look alike but act like the opposites.  And then there is the dog. Still sweet and wild, like the day we found her on the street, some good years ago.

We love to discover new cultures, places, ways of living and thinking through travelling. Being fascinated by discovering together the world since the very beginning of our relationship, taking our young children to travel from early on just came naturally. We are daily trying to improve our life quality by seeking for more calm and joy and balance and mindfulness. And travelling is part of this journey..

We believe not only are we here to teach things to our children, but also vice versa. They are here to teach things to us (about being parents and about ourselves) too! Each trip, either to a neighbouring city or to a faraway place has its story to tell and its wisdom to share. And learning things as a family, each one with his/her own pace is a great enriching experience. Travelling is also perfect for improving one´s mindfulness, cutting off the daily distractions and monotonous routines, while offering strong incentives to be in the present moment. Don´t we all want to experience just a little bit more of that!?

Being entrepreneurs we have challenging professional daily lives, thus making some breaks and recovering our energy every now and then is vital for our survival. Since being connected to the hospitality industry, we choose with extra care the places we stay during our trips. And some indulging and splurging is inevitable 😉  We work hard, but we also like to play hard!

We have created this blog with the aim to share our stories and adventures with whoever is seeking for extra inspiration or courage to a) travel b) travel with kids c) visit any specific place we pass by or d) buy less things and spend more on travelling e) practise more mindfulness f) find more joy in simple things of life.  Or something like that. We are a normal family (neither rich, nor poor), however always prioritizing travelling (and having a good meal at a restaurant) compared to acquiring a proper cutlery set for our home, accumulating clothes or buying a big house. Our travels are usually neither frugal nor luxury, neither are they too cultural nor full of aspirations of all-authentic-stuff, but somewhere in-between, full of special places & creating special moments.

We ourselves love to get inspired by other people´s experience and stories. The blog is also our way to remember better the best moments of our own journey and to tell more vividly our story to our children. We believe it is okay to discover the world in little bits and parts, without selling your property 🙂 (Okay okay, we would also like to be just a little bit more like these people who do so!) We also believe that it is worthwhile to travel as a family with small children, even if they will not remember the details and facts of your trips. But they do learn with You on the way, they learn to see the world with open mind and open heart… And this does not seem to be the obvious way of “seeing” the world these days..

[Stories are written by Mom. (Many) of the photos are taken by Dad. A lot of joy & adventures are provided by the Girls.]